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Argentina: Judgement Against Oil Company Recognizes Indigenous Peoples' Rights

Author: Servindi, Argentina, Published on: 26 February 2011

...[R]uling against the oil company Piedra del Aguila, who entered the land without consultation of the Mapuche Community Trawel Huenctru Leufú...The ruling, issued on 16 February 2011...[recognizes] the population as a Community Leufu Trawel Wenctru Mapuche...It also recognizes the Community territory…demonstrated the lack of compliance with the procedure of consultation...[a]nd determines the failure of national and provincial constitutions, the ILO Convention 169, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples...It is noteworthy that during the more than three years of the trial, the company entered the Community territory and fought with police assistance to community members, supported on the orders of other judges.

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