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Argentina sues ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Dreyfus over alleged large-scale tax evasion; firms have all denied all the allegations - Oxfam links global hunger, food price rises with "corporate concentration"

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Author: EFE

El jefe de la Administración Federal de Impuestos Públicos de Argentina (AFIP), Ricard Echegaray, califica de comportamiento "criminal" la evasión fiscal a gran escala de la que el Gobierno de Buenos Aires acusa a cuatro grandes comercializadoras de cereales: ADM, Bunge, Cargill y Dreyfus...la AFIP reclama 476 millones de dólares de impuestos supuestamente no pagados a Bunge, 252 millones a Cargill y 140 millones a Dreyfus, compañías que han negado esas acusaciones y dicen que se defenderán enérgicamente. Oxfam advirtió esta semana del peligro de una espiral de precios de los alimentos en las dos próximas décadas y criticó la excesiva concentración del comercio alimentario...La AFIP ha investigado las ventas de esas comercializadoras a Uruguay, entre otras jurisdicciones de bajos impuestos.

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1 June 2011

Argentina accuses world's largest grain traders of huge tax evasion

Author: Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian [UK]

The world's four largest grain traders, responsible for the vast majority of global corn, soya and wheat trading and processing, have been accused of large-scale tax evasion in a landmark series of cases being brought against them by the Argentinian government...Ricardo Echegaray, the head of Afip, the country's revenue and customs service, has given a detailed account of the charges his department is bringing against ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Dreyfus. "These companies have gone into criminality," Echegaray said...Afip is seeking to claim $476m (£290m) for what it says are unpaid tax and duties from Bunge, $252m from Cargill and $140m from Dreyfus. The companies have all denied all the allegations...Oxfam...warned of spiralling prices and a huge increase in global hunger over the next two decades, and said that corporate concentration in the global food trade was a structural flaw in the system.

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