Asia: Market regulators & stock exchanges increasingly calling on firms to disclose economic, social & governance impacts, says deputy CEO of Global Reporting Initiative

Author: Teresa Fogelberg, Global Reporting Initiative, in Eco-Business, Published on: 4 September 2015

“A message to stock exchanges throughout Asia”, 1 Sept 2015

…With stock exchanges in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong reviewing their sustainability reporting guidance for listed companies, Asia is taking a leading role in promoting corporate transparency…[I]ncreased transparency on sustainability impacts is an essential means by which exchanges contribute to building the trust needed to ensure well-functioning, stable and resilient capital markets…An ever increasing number of market regulators and stock exchanges worldwide are calling upon their listed companies to disclose their [Economic, Social and Governance] impacts, risks and performances…The Asia-Pacific region has an important role in this debate, not only as a growing powerhouse on the world economic stage, but also because the region is disproportionally affected by critical sustainability issues such climate change, human rights, corruption and many others…[I]nvestor inquiries regarding sustainability information are on the rise…[S]tock exchanges have a number of means of encouraging better decision making through transparency: via recommendations and listing requirements, by participating in sustainability initiatives and leading by example and reporting on the stock exchange’s own sustainability impacts.

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