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23 January 2020

42 organisations and companies agree on guiding principles for the creation of sustainable batteries by 2030

Author: Modern Diplomacy

"42 Global Organizations Agree on Guiding Principles for Batteries to Power Sustainable Energy Transition", 23 January 2020....

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20 December 2019
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El pasado 3 de diciembre, una Misión Internacional de Observación conformada por Front Line Defenders, el Centro de Información sobre Empresas y Derechos Humanos (CIEDH), el Centro de Derechos Humanos “Zeferino Ladrillero” y la Red Nacional de...

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20 September 2019

Commentary: Recognising corporate watchdogs as an integral part of ethical outsourcing could help improve current auditing system

Author: Peter Bengtsen, Le Monde diplomatique

"Mica mining, why watchdogs count", April 2019...

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11 September 2018

HRW launches campaign urging major car companies to stand by Saudi activists jailed for advocating women's right to drive

Author: Human Rights Watch

"Tell Car Companies To Do The Right Thing", 11 September 2018...

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2 August 2017

Germany: Govt. urges car manufacturers to improve diesel emissions over health concerns

Author: Bloomberg

"Germany Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Rescue Diesel at Summit", 2 August 2017, Bloomberg...

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10 May 2017

Hungary: Multinational corporations only key players still silent on Orban's assault on independent academia, civil society & media

Author: Thorsten Benner & Wolfgang Reinicke in The Washington Post (USA)

"It’s time for international investors to speak up about Hungary’s assault on democracy", 18 Apr 2017...

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8 May 2017

India ​to legalise mica mining in bid to tackle endemic child labour

Author: Kate Hodal, Guardian [UK]

India is to legalise the mining of mica, a sparkly mineral used in eyeshadows and car paint, in a bid to cut the number of children who labour – and often die – to produce it...Activists lauded the decision to legalise mica mining, but warned that high...

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21 March 2017

Google apologises over ads on extremist material; makes no commitment to prevent further abuse

Author: Rob Davies, the Guardian

"Head of Google Europe apologises over ads on extremist content", 20 Mar 2017...

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24 February 2017

CEO activism & the impact of social media in the Trump era

Author: Jena McGregor, The Washington Post (USA)

“The Cost Of Silence: Why More CEOs Are Speaking Out In The Trump Era”, 21 Feb 2017  ...

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20 February 2017
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Author: UmweltDialog

Angesichts der großen Not der Flüchtlinge in Europa hat die AUDI AG im September 2015 eine Million Euro für Flüchtlings-Hilfsprojekte an den Produktionsstandorten Brüssel, Győr, Ingolstadt und Neckarsulm zur Verfügung gestellt. Im Mittelpunkt stand...

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