Australia: Landmark legal action launched on human rights grounds against Waratah Coal for climate change contributions

Author: Peter McCutcheon, ABC News, Published on: 16 May 2020

"Youth activists challenge Clive Palmer's Waratah Coal mine saying it impacts their human rights", 14 May 2020

In an Australian legal first, an environment group has challenged a proposed mega-coal mine on the grounds that it infringes on their human rights because of its contribution to climate change.


The action is being taken by a new group called Youth Verdict against the Galilee Coal Project in central Queensland — a project of Clive Palmer's company Waratah Coal.

Youth Verdict has lodged an objection to the mine in the Queensland Land Court, arguing it infringes on a number of their rights under the state Human Rights Act, including the right to life, the protection of children and the right to culture.


The Galilee Coal Project involves two open pit and four underground coal mines, making it one of the biggest coal operations in Australia.


Mr Palmer and the Waratah Coal project have been approached for comment on the case but have not replied....



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