Australia: Uber Eats drivers protest against alleged algorithm changes that prioritise cyclists, cutting drivers' wages by 50%

Author: Sharon Masige, Business Insider, Published on: 9 October 2019

"Uber Eats drivers marched on NSW Parliament today, protesting an alleged algorithm change they say slashed their income by up to 50%", 8 October 2019

Uber Eats drivers descended upon New South Wales state parliament today to protest alleged algorithm changes favouring cyclists and bike riders at their expense.

A survey conducted by the Transport Worker’s Union (TWU) showed Uber Eats drivers have had a 50% pay cut to around $13 an hour in recent months...

 ...Drivers in Sydney...delivered a letter to the shadow minister for the gig NSW Parliament, demanding a legislative response to their concerns.

 In a Uber spokesperson said the company had made “no changes to the way delivery partner earnings are calculated..."...

...The Uber Eats drivers at the protest do not argue there has been a change to the way their earnings are calculated. Instead, they say they are receiving significantly less work through the app, which is driving their earnings down...

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