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Headquarters in Israel & Occupied Palestinian Territories

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1 October 2013

[PDF] Non-Enforcement of the Law on Israeli Employers in the Occupied Territories: A Selective List of Israeli Companies Violating Palestinian Workers' Rights

Author: Kav LaOved

The Even Bar case is merely a single...example of the wrongful norm that has taken root among companies and factories under Israeli ownership in the industrial parks established in the Occupied Territories which employ Palestinian workers. The ruling...

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Company non-response
17 September 2008

Avgi Morris Carpenters did not respond to: Cases of employers' non-compliance with High Court ruling on Palestinian workers' rights, including withholding pay, using work permits to "intimidate" workers.

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23 August 2008

Palestinian workers in West Bank Israeli settlements after the High Court of Justice Ruling

Author: Kav LaOved [Israel]

In October 2007, in a precedent-setting ruling, a nine judges panel of the High Court of Justice ruled unanimously that Israeli labour laws applied equally to Israeli employers and their Palestinian West Bank workers, ‘unless the parties decide...

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