B Team report highlights positive company actions to reach net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 & ensure a just transition

Author: The B Team, Published on: 6 February 2018

... The B Team companies working towards net-zero [emissions] are from a diverse set of industries... yet common challenges can be identified... [For example,] cleaning up an entire companies energy supply continues to be an immense challenge, especially for heavy-emitting sectors such as power, cement, chemicals and steel...  Many B Team companies purchase electricity from renewable sources for their own operations.

... B Team companies know that to achieve a net-zero economy, companies must go beyond reducing emissions in their own operations and seek innovative ways to influence the indirect emissions generated by suppliers as well... companies reported that they were taking three clear steps towards meeting this challenge—signalling their company’s intent to decarbonise, assessing the performance of their suppliers, and working with their suppliers to reduce emissions... One of the paramount challenges in transitioning the global economy to net-zero emissions remains that trillions worth of public and private money is still invested in high-carbon industries, outpacing investment in the industries needed to sustain a net-zero economy... 

In 2016, Salesforce, Tiffany & Co., Virgin and Unilever, took a public stand and reiterated their pledge to global climate action by signing the “Business Backs Low-Carbon USA” open letter with other U.S. businesses encouraging the U.S. government and world leaders to maintain commitments made in the historic Paris Agreement... In November 2017 Unilever, Kering, Natura, Salesforce, and Virgin supported the launch of ‘Powering Past Coal’, an alliance of more than 25 countries, states and regions... to accelerat[e] growth through a rapid transition from coal power to clean power... One of the most promising conclusions [in this report] is the strong trend towards companies decoupling growth from rise of emissions. [also refers to Allianz, Broad Group, Dow, Safaricom]

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