Baidu, China win dismissal of U.S. censorship lawsuit

Author: Jonathan Stempel, Reuters, Published on: 25 March 2013

[E]ight New York writers and video producers…said Baidu and China violated the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well as various civil and human rights laws, by conspiring to suppress their political speech from Baidu's search engine results…[Judge Furman] said that China had expressly invoked a Hague Convention provision allowing it to refuse service that "would infringe its sovereignty or security." The judge also said he lacked jurisdiction to decide whether China properly invoked that provision, and that if he had jurisdiction he would find that the invocation could apply to private parties such as Baidu. Furman put the dismissal on hold for 30 days, to allow the plaintiffs a chance to propose another means of serving Baidu, and show why China should not be dismissed as a defendant…[refers to Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter]

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