Bangladesh: Home isn't the only place where women are abused

Author: Marat Yu, Tribune [Bangladesh], Published on: 27 November 2016

“The workload is tremendous here. They swear at us when we fail to complete the work. They scold. They say, ‘Hey you! Daughter of a b***h, daughter of a pig! How come so much work has been piled up?’ At such times I feel really bad. I cannot stand this. I cry. I feel like quitting job. But I can do nothing. I have to work here to take care of my family. My family lives on my earnings.” So said Rimi, a sewing operator at a ready-made garment (RMG) factory in Bangladesh....When it comes to tackling violence against women, economic empowerment through employment has rightly been seen as a force for good: Women who are able to earn money are better positioned to prevent or escape from violence at home. But that’s not always the whole story....For Rimi, the workplace is merely a new source of violence and fear — and many Bangladeshi women have similar tales to tell. Sexual harassment is a hidden form of violence but is endemic in the RMG industry in Bangladesh.

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