Barren Justice

Author: Sasha Lilley, CorpWatch, Published on: 13 May 2004

Gonzáles is one of tens of thousands of plantation workers in Central America, the Caribbean, Western Africa, and the Philippines who have sued several U.S. corporations for exposure to DBCP over the last two decades. In March, Nicaraguan banana workers brought a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Dole, Dow, Occidental, and Shell, among other corporations, alleging that exposure to DBCP made them sterile...According to Dow spokesman Scot Wheeler, Dow agreed to continue to produce DBCP and Dole agreed it would assume liability. Dole asserts, however, that the company did not use the chemical after it was banned in the United States. Shell also denies liability for the Nicaraguan DBCP lawsuits, stating that the company did not export DBCP to the Central American country.

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