Bolton Group to adopt new tuna sourcing policy following consumer pressure for better fishing practices & human rights standards for workers

Author: Oliver Knowles, Greenpeace, Published on: 29 October 2018

"People powered progress on tuna", 24 October 2018

Among other steps, the company has committed to ensure that a full 50% of the tuna it uses will only come from more selective fishing methods such as pole and line or FAD-free purse seining... [I]t has also committed to significantly reduce the numbers of FADs used by its vessels, setting a cap of 300 in line with earlier commitments made by the world’s largest tuna company, Thai Union...

While these changes on how Bolton gets its tuna are important, it also marks global momentum within the tuna industry towards practices which better protect the ocean and the people who work on them...

The issues around destructive tuna fisheries are now well known – overfishing [...] and human rights abuses and labour violations on many fishing vessels. Consumers and concerned people around the world are demanding higher standards from our seafood and the companies that catch and process it.

[T]hose companies that fail to respond and raise their own game start to fall behind the new high standards, and are less able to provide the ocean and worker friendly tuna that more and more consumers now demand.

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