Bonsucro holds public consultations for feedback on revisions of Code of Conduct & Grievance Mechanism (Deadline: 5 Feb)

Author: Bonsucro, Published on: 24 January 2020

"Public Consultations: Bonsucro Code of Conduct; Bonsucro Greivance Mechanism", January 2020

Bonsucro has been working to revise its Code of Conduct...and its Grievance Mechanism...[and is] now holding two six-week public consultations on the draft Bonsucro Code of Conduct, and the draft Grievance Mechanism. You may send your feedback on one or both consultations: the deadline is Wednesday 5th February 2020, 5pm London time.

[The] Code of Conduct...drives [Bonsucro's] vision of a sugarcane sector with thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains. The revision presents a unique opportunity to: support responsible sugarcane production..., create lasting value for the people, communities...and eco-systems in...line with supporting the advancement of the [SDGs]...[and to] refresh [and clarify] Members’ commitments. 

[The revision of the] Grievance Mechanism...presents a unique opportunity to: reinforce...respect [of] human rights, incorporate stakeholder and Member views in the design of the grievance mechanism, increase impartiality and credibility of the process, outline a...more transparent process, align with internationally recognised frameworks​ [and resolve]...complaints via mediation. The Grievance Mechanism draft incorporates extensive stakeholder consultation and feedback and has been designed to align with the UNGP Effectiveness Criteria. Respondents to this consultation are actively encouraged to provide examples and practical suggestions as to how a better balance may be struck where it is felt that effective alignment has not been achieved.

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