Bosnia & Herzegovina: Hundreds protest over air pollution caused by coal power plants

Author: CEE Bankwatch Network , Published on: 20 February 2018

"Protests spread in Western Balkans along with air pollution", 19 February 2018

...[H]undreds marched in the centre of Tuzla to protest worsening air quality in the coal-dominated town of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s north-east, carrying banners that read “Clean air, not cancer!” and “Stop poisoning us!”. As the legal limits for pollutants PM2.5 (fine particles) and SO2 were breached during this long winter, the Clean Air Movement – a group of citizens living in Tuzla concerned about the worsening health condition as a result of air pollution exposure – took to the streets to demand that authorities find long-term solutions to this ever-present problem. The air quality in Tuzla is notorious, ranked second by the World Health Organisation among Europe’s most polluted towns in 2017...Bankwatch’s...findings have been used by locals to argue that source of the pollution is the town’s 715 MW power plant, which burns approximately 3.8 million tons of brown coal and lignite a year...In spite of this, a new unit is planned by the state owned energy company, Elektroprivreda BiH, which signed a financing agreement with China Exim Bank in November 2017. The 450 MW proposed Tuzla 7 project would require additional coal capacity.

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