BP revs up for carbon neutral motoring

Author: Mark Tran, Guardian [UK], Published on: 23 August 2006

...it was inevitable that when BP launched its "targetneutral" initiative to encourage motorists to "neutralise" carbon dioxide (C02) emissions from their vehicles, quite a few journalists voiced their scepticism...BP argues that while it is working on biofuels...those schemes lie in the future and that action to mitigate CO2 emissions can be taken here and now. Under the voluntary scheme, drivers can go to a website to calculate the cost of the annual C02 reduction needed to make their car C02 neutral...BP says a huge amount of C02 could be neutralised if all 40 million drivers in the UK signed up to targetneutral...The money motorists pay towards targetneutral, which will be matched by BP when motorists register and use their Nectar card at a BP forecourt, will go towards five renewable energy projects in the developing world. These projects are designed to "offset" or "cancel" out a driver's emissions...There are plenty of arguments as to whether offsetting only displaces the problem...[also refers to ExxonMobil, British Airways, Ford, Land Rover (part of Ford)]

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