Brazil: Previous National Environmental Ministers warn against threats facing the Amazon under Bolsonaro’s administration

Author: Latin America Reports, Published on: 24 May 2019

“Bolsonaro’s environmental negligence goes from bad to worse”, 16th May 2019

…Brazil withdrew its offer to host a United Nations Latin America and Caribbean climate week that was due to be held this August in the city of Salvador. Bolsonaro’s current Environment Minister Ricardo Selles told national daily O Globo that it “didn’t make sense to host the event” without hosting the UN Climate Change Summit, which Brazil had already withdrawn its offer to host later on this year…President Jair Bolsonaro also announced his intention to remove environmental protections from the Tamoios Ecological Station in the state of Rio de Janeiro, opening it up to tourist exploration in a bid to convert it into “Brazil’s Cancun.”…Indigenous activists such as Chief Raoni Metuktire are actively seeking international support for the protection of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, sections of which Bolsonaro plans to open up to the agribusiness sector…Since the role of national environmental minister was established in 1992, all eight former occupants of the position have recently signed a communique warning against the threats facing Brazil’s rainforests at the hands of the Bolsonaro administration. They have accused his government of a “constant, systematic and deliberate policy to deconstruct and destroy” the environmental policies that have been implemented in Brazil since the 1990s…


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