Brazil: Repórter Brasil's report "Cattle Route: Modern Slavery and the British Market"is launched; it includes comments from JBS, Marfrig and Minerva

Author: Repórter Brasil (Brazil), Published on: 15 March 2019

“Cattle Route: Modern Slavery and the British Market”, March 2019

“This report addresses the reality of slave labour in Brazil’s cattle industry, stressing its connections with British companies and exports to the United Kingdom. We focus on providing insights into the impact of anti-slavery laws – notably the UK Modern Slavery Act and the so-called “dirty list” of slave labour – in tackling modern slavery in production chains.”

[It refers to  Fazenda Água Limpa - owners Delfino Francisco Kehrnvalt, Éstrio Paiva de Santana and Décio Gomes de Araújo, Fazenda Ana Thaíra - owner Delfino Pereira Martins, Fazenda Cachoeira, Fazenda Céu Azul - owner Thelma Taveira Faria Miranda, Fazenda Graphia and Fazenda Tucunaré/Antônio Calixto dos Santos, Fazenda DK - owners Delfino Francisco Kehrnval, Fazenda Leandra- Antônio Luiz Sanches Felipe and Fernandes Lavagnolli, Fazenda Maria de Jesús - onwer Manoel Alves de Sousa, Fazenda União]

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