Brazil: Rio Olympic venues falling into disrepair; NGO claims majority of city’s poor removed for the Games live in worse conditions than before

Author: The Guardian (UK), Published on: 11 February 2017

“Rio Olympic venues already falling into a state of disrepair-Six months on from Games, key venues lay empty in Rio de Janeiro-Maracana Stadium looted and damaged, golf course struggling”, 10 February 2017

...[S]ix months...[later]..., a number of Rio’s major Olympic venues have fallen into a state of disrepair....[T]he entire...[Olympic Park]...has been...closed down and remains off limits to the local community... Olympic Park was entirely deserted until last weekend, when a beach volleyball event was staged on makeshift sands... The future of the Deodoro sports[It] was slated to be a park and recreation area following the Games. The Olympic athletes’ village remains open, but has proven an undesirable and prohibitively expensive housing option for local residents...[It]...was planned to be post-Olympic public housing, but few locals are buying into it...An Amnesty study found Rio’s Olympics left “a shady legacy of a city entrenched with marginalisation and discrimination ... and a record of human rights violations where violence remains part of the game”. Theresa Williamson...[executive director of Catalytic Communities]...said about 80,000 of Rio’s poor were removed from their homes to make way for the Games...[:]...“For the most part, they now live in worst situations than they did before - and these were already the poor in a very unequal city,”...The only tangible Olympic legacy are some public transport improvements, mainly in affluent areas...

[It refers to Carvalho Hosken Group]

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