Breaking news: Bhutan says no to HPV vaccines

Author: Norma Erickson, , Published on: 15 April 2010

Merck donated 9,600 doses of the HPV vaccine, called Gardasil to Bhutan...More than 3,000 girls in Paro received the first dose in October 2009. 2981 of these girls received the second dose in December...Bhutan, however, has been closely watching the controversy over the same vaccine in India. They became concerned about the reports brought forth by various health advocacy groups regarding the 'demonstration projects' and the abrupt halt of said 'projects.'...Bhutan's Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) wrote a letter to the Bhutan Department of Public Health (DoPH) ordering a halt to the launch of the HPV (human papillomaviris vaccine) campaign which was scheduled to go nationwide on May 5, 2010...Bhutan's officials have had only one report of an adverse reaction from the girls who were vaccinated. They do not intend to run the risk of having one more. They have turned down over $40 million worth of "free" vaccines until they are proven safe and effective.

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