British firm breaks Sudan arms boycott

Author: Jon Swain and Brian Johnson-Thomas, The Sunday Times [UK], Published on: 22 April 2007

A British company has been transporting ammunition inside Sudan in defiance of European sanctions. A Sunday Times investigation has also uncovered evidence that Land Rover [part of Ford] Defenders have been supplied to the Sudanese police, who have fitted machineguns to turn them into highly mobile killing machines...At least 200,000 people have died and 2.5m peasants have been uprooted from their villages...America has called it genocide...Despite [a UN arms embargo]...[s]ignificant quantities of guns and ammunition have been shipped to Darfur...after being imported...through private air charter companies. One such shipment took place on November 23. An Antonov-28 cargo plane owned by Dallex Trade...delivered boxes of ammunition from Yei to Juba...Inquiries at the registered office in London of Dallex Trade...were met by an offer to forward any letter to an address in Lithuania...Land Rover in Britain has said it has taken steps to stop the export of any more Defenders to Sudan and has recovered some from a distributor. [also refers to Rolls-Royce]

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