Business & human rights at Bonn UN Climate Change Conference - May 2017

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10 May 2017

Event schedule: Respecting & protecting rights while combating climate change

[Includes side events on children's rights, indigenous peoples, land sector, integrating human rights in climate action after Paris]

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10 May 2017

NGO raises concern about fossil fuel business associations undermining progress at UN climate talks

Author: Katharina Wecker,

"Fossil fuel lobbies cripple UN talks, says report," 2 May 2017

...A group of developing countries is calling for big polluters' lobbyists to be kicked out of upcoming talks in Bonn. According to a report by Corporate Accountability International (CAI), one group of lobbyists is more powerful than the rest: business trade associations with links to the fossil fuel industry...More than 250 business and industry nongovernmental organizations...many of which are funded by some of the world's biggest polluters and climate change deniers, lobby the UN climate negotiations and "undermine, weaken, and block progress," according to the report...The UNFCCC said the climate negotiations are a platform open to all interest groups, and rejected criticism by the CAI report...In the past, the UNFCCC has been an outspoken proponent of including the fossil fuel industry in negotiations. Christiana Figueres, former head of the UNFCCC, responded to earlier accusations with a call to "stop demonizing oil and gas companies” because "bringing them with us has more strength."...Other lobbyists, including environmental organizations, agree that the fossil fuel industry should be allowed to lobby...It's not about whether big polluter lobbyists should be allowed access but how, Gründinger [a climate protection researcher who also does lobby work] argues: "It's a question of transparency. All actors should be invited to all hearings and should be listened to equally."

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