By hosting a grand prix in Saudi Arabia, F1 has "ignored" its human rights commitment, say HRW

Author: Giles Richards, The Guardian (UK), Published on: 12 February 2020

"F1 risks sportswashing boost with Saudi Arabia GP, says human rights group," 10 Feb 2020

A Formula One grand prix in Saudi Arabia would serve only to further the gulf state’s process of sportswashing and help legitimise the country’s repressive regime, according to Human Rights Watch...

[Minky Worden, HRW director, added] “There is quite a bit of evidence F1 has ignored its own human rights commitment [made in 1995] by going to [Bahrain and Azerbaijan] and overlooked human rights abuses and taken no action to make them better.”

A spokesman for F1 said. “... We take our human rights responsibilities very seriously and make this position clear to every race promoter and host country."

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