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Cambodia: A solution to a longstanding land conflict between communities and a company in Kratie province reaches

Author: Sotheary Pech, Khmer Times, Published on: 14 January 2019

"Kratie families settle land dispute", 14 January 2019

Thousands of families in Kratie province have agreed to end their land dispute with Memot Rubber Plantation Company by accepting a Land Management Ministry’s social land concession deal of two hectares of land per family. Hundreds of residents representing about 1,500 families have been rallying in Phnom Penh ...

..., Deputy provincial Governor Khan Chamnan said that the residents will receive their plots of land ...

After a brief period of negotiation, the representatives agreed to settle with two hectares of land per family.

“The representatives of the people have promised to stop protesting in Phnom Penh and prevent land encroachment,” the ministry said in a statement ... “They have also agreed to stop incitements and falsifying information that caused delays for the resolution...”

Toch Dul, a 42-year-old resident representative, ... said residents had no choice but to accept the settlement because many felt as if they’re running out of time.

“If we do not accept, we’re afraid that this case will be prolonged even more,” Mr Dul said. “It is now also nearing cassava planting season. We need land because without it, we will not be able to feed our families.”

Kao Madilen, head of the provincial land management department, ... said resident representatives, along with provincial officials, will begin the identification process ... “We don’t know yet how many families will receive land, but we will take them to see the location first,” Mr Madilen said...

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