Cambodia: CENTRAL launches mobile app to share labour rights and educate workers about their rights

Author: Kunthear Mom, Khmer Times, Published on: 5 September 2019

"Central launches labour rights mobile application", 5 September 2019

The Centre for Alliance of Labour and Human Rights has launched a mobile application to support workers in the Kingdom and abroad.

Moeun Tola, executive director of Central, ... said his organisation already has a social media presence, but it wants to expand its platform.

“We already have our Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter [handle] and website..., we launch a mobile app because it will be easier for workers and other Cambodians to access information and news related to labour and human rights and other issues, including issues faced by Cambodian migrants abroad,” Mr Tola said, adding that information in the Central App is offered in Khmer and English.

Mr Tola said Central has worked to help Cambodian workers overseas and the app can help share information and news on labour rights.

“We created this app in order to give a chance to Cambodian workers and the general public in the Kingdom and abroad,” he said. “They can follow the information on [labour] rights. They can also report their problem to Central.”

... According to the statement, the app will offer tutorial videos teaching users valuable skills and digital security.

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