Cambodia: Companies block roads in two villages, violate locals' land rights

Author: Pech Sotheary, Khmer Times, Published on: 20 August 2017

"Land dispute in Koh Kong escalates", 18 August 2017

Representatives for 175 families…gathered near Prime Minister Hun Sen’s house…seeking intervention in an escalating land dispute.

The families say three development companies that claim 782 hectares …have violated their lands….

The land has been disputed between the families and the three companies, Koh Kong Sugar Industry, Koh Kong Plantation and Heng Huy Development, since 2006.

…In the past the Ministry of Land Management had visited the areas in order to find a solution.

...The resolution process had come to a stand-still after Koh Kong Sugar Industry and Koh Kong Plantation dug a water canal blocking the roads in two villages, making life difficult for local people.


Note: Koh Kong Sugar's contract can be viewed at


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