Cambodia: Garment workers protest unpaid wages as COVID-19 disrupts supply chains

Garment workers across Cambodia have been protesting outside factories over unpaid wages after brands and retailers cancelled orders & delayed payments to their suppliers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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30 June 2020

Cambodia: Over 50 garment workers protest over unpaid wages after factory owners have fled

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times

"Seeking redress: More than 50 workers protest over unpaid dues at ministry", 30 June 2020

More than 50 workers of New Best Global Textile Co Ltd in Kampong Speu ... staged a protest in front of the Labour Ministry over wages and compensation owed after their employer fled three months ago.

Nget Nak, a garment worker, said the factory in Samraong Tong district has 763 workers and the employer fled ... without paying compensation.

She said ..., the factory announced it was suspending operations for one month but when the workers returned for work ..., the employer had fled...

“We waited for a solution at the provincial level for three months and have heard nothing,” she said. “That is why we have travelled from Kampong Speu to Phnom Penh to seek help from the ministry because we are finding it hard to make ends meet.”...

“We are trying to find another job but at this time, some factories are suspended or shut down,” she said. “So we hope to get our last wages and compensation to pay debts, rentals and other living expenses.”

Prum Tola, another worker, said they have waited a long time for a solution from the company...

“The ministry officials accepted our petition and told us to wait for a solution,” Ms Tola said. “The ministry said it is treating the case as urgent.”

... Provincial labour department chief Choek Borin said ... the owner of the building which the company had rented had offered to sell factory equipment left behind and use the money to pay the workers...

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5 June 2020

Cambodia: Around 700 garment workers protest to demand their unpaid out-of-work allowances

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times

"Kandal protests staged over unpaid out-of-work allowances", 04 June 2020

The Ministry of Labour ... announced the transfer of the third round of out-of-work allowances to a further 165 enterprises in the garment and hospitality sectors.

The ministry listed the company names in the announcement, which will see payment transfer via Wing to around 49,960 suspended or unemployed workers adversely affected by COVID-19.

However, 700 workers of TY Fashion Cambodia in Kandal province’s Ponhea Leu district ... protested over the company and the government still neglecting to pay their allowances.

TY Fashion employee, Srey Pov, said that although the company suspended workers two months ago, they have only received $30 from the company so far.

“After two months of suspension, the company and government have still not paid our out-of-work allowance,” she said...

Thea Ry, also a TY Fashion employee, said that workers want to know whether the company will continue to operate or not, suggesting that they let the workers know so they are better informed of their futures.

“Some employees have worked there for 10 years. If the company shuts down, the company must pay our seniority indemnity and severance pay,” she said.

The district governor of Ponhea Leu district, Thon Sovanna, said the authorities are trying to find a solution with the company representative.

He also called on the workers to not block the road or protest on the streets as it affects public order.

“We suggest employees call their representatives to negotiate a meeting with the company in order to find a solution,” he said...

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25 May 2020

Cambodia: Over 600 garment workers protest to demand missing wages as 237 factories suspend their operation due to impacts of COVID-19

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times

"Over 600 workers demand missing wages", 26 May 2020

More than 600 workers of Quality textile factory in Phnom Penh’s Por Sechey district ... staged a protest demanding missing wages.

Chhorn Makara, one of the workers, said that the workers protested because they have not yet been paid for April.

Ms Makara said that each worker was paid only $30 for April and that the factory management had promised to pay them on May 25 but failed to do so.

“We demand our April wages since the company has not yet paid us. We want our wages so that we can spend for daily expense,” she said.

Labor Ministry spokesman Heng Sour said that so far 237 factories have applied for suspension, affecting 110,000 garment workers.

Mr Sour said that other 100 factories resumed their operations...

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13 May 2020

Cambodia: Around 1,600 workers protest to demand their missing wages & compensation for furloughed workers

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times

"About 1,600 workers demand April’s wages", 14 May 2020

About 1,600 workers of the FMF factory staged a protest ... in front of the factory to demand last month’s missing wages in Kandal province’s Takhmao city.

Chin Mali, one of the workers, said ... the factory management failed to pay workers their last month’s wages and sacked 150 workers without advance notice.

Ms Mali stresses that the company, which produces bags and handbags, did not pay compensation to the furloughed workers.

Another worker said the company promised to pay them ... but payment was delayed...

She said the factory suspended its operation 20 days ago owing to coronavirus pandemic and will continue another 15-day suspension...

Cheav Sok Theng, administration chief of FMF factory, said the factory has faced a financial crunch amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have never paid them late but this month, it has no money because our products could not be exported due to cancelled orders,” Mr Sok Theng said. “However, we are trying hard to find money to pay them.”

He said the company was forced to lay off 150 workers because of the financial crunch...

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Author: Khmer Times




其中一名工人Chin Mali說……工廠管理層沒有支付工人上個月的工資,並在沒有提前通知的情況下解雇了150名工人。

Chin Mali強調,生產箱包和手袋的公司沒有向停薪留職的工人提供補償。



FMF工廠的行政主管Cheav Sok Theng說,受疫情影響,工廠正面臨財務困難。

Sok Theng說:“我們之前沒有拖欠過工資,但是這個月因為訂單被取消,導致我們庫存積壓。但目前,我們正在努力籌集資金支付工人的工資。”


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Author: Khmer Times




其中一名工人Chin Mali说……工厂管理层没有支付工人上个月的工资,并在没有提前通知的情况下解雇了150名工人。

Chin Mali强调,生产箱包和手袋的公司没有向停薪留职的工人提供补偿。



FMF工厂的行政主管Cheav Sok Theng说,受疫情影响,工厂正面临财务困难。

Sok Theng说:“我们之前没有拖欠过工资,但是这个月因为订单被取消,导致我们库存积压。但目前,我们正在努力筹集资金支付工人的工资。”


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13 May 2020

Cambodia: Over 600 garment workers protest to demand their unpaid wages

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times

"Garment workers protest unpaid April wages", 12 May 2020

More than 600 workers of the SEPIA garment factory in Phnom Penh’s Porsenchey district ... staged a protest in front of the factory premises to demand their unpaid wages.

Sok Kha, one of the workers, said they had not received their wages ... He added the protest was organised after the company, which promised to pay their wages on Saturday, failed to deliver.

“Since the start of 2020, our wages have always been delayed and for the April wages, the company failed to pay us,” he said, adding the unpaid wages have only made it more difficult for them to pay their rent. “We are also demanding for the partial pay [$30] which we is due to us after the company suspended its operations.”...

“All 600 workers did not get their wages for 17 days of work in April. We call on the company to pay its workers regularly and on time,” she said.

Far Saly, president of the National Trade Unions Coalitions, said workers have been increasingly concerned with the massive layoffs and furloughs amid the pandemic.

“The union is concerned with how the government can help the affected workers as more lose their job in the wake of the coronavirus,” said Mr Saly...

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Author: Khmer Times



金边市(Phnom Penh)坡森芷区(PorsencheySEPIA服装厂的600多名工人……在工厂前举行抗议,要求厂方支付拖欠的工资。

其中一名工人Sok Kha说,他们没有拿到工资……他还说,抗议活动是在该公司未能兑现承诺后举行的,公司原先承诺在周六发工资。

“自2020年初以来,工资一直是延迟发放,4月份的工资还没有发”他说,拖欠工资使支付房租更加难度。“我们还要求公司支付停产后应发放的部分工资(30美元)。” ……


全国工会联盟主席(National Trade Unions Coalitions)萨利(Far Saly)表示,工人们越来越担心在疫情中出现大规模的裁员和停薪留职。


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Author: Khmer Times


“製衣工人抗議拖欠4月份的工資”, 2020512

金邊市( Phnom Penh )坡森芷區( PorsencheySEPIA服裝廠的600多名工人……在工廠前舉行抗議,要求廠方支付拖欠的工資。

其中一名工人Sok Kha說,他們沒有拿到工資……他還說,抗議活動是在該公司未能兌現承諾後舉行的,公司原先承諾在周六發工資。

“自2020年初以來,工資一直是延遲發放, 4月份的工資還沒有發”他說,拖欠工資使支付房租更加難度。 “我們還要求公司支付停產後應發放的部分工資( 30美元)。” ……


全國工會聯盟主席( National Trade Unions Coalitions )薩利( Far Saly )表示,工人們越來越擔心在疫情中出現大規模的裁員和停薪留職。


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5 May 2020

Cambodia: Around 400 footwear workers protest to demand missing wages and seniority payments from their employer; while factory closes

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times

"About 400 footwear workers protest over unpaid wages", 06 May 2020

About 400 footwear workers of Kun Da Footwear Co. Ltd staged a protest in the capital’s Dangkor district ... to demand missing wages and seniority pay.

Chhin Vanna, one of the protestors, said the factory suspended its operations at the end of last month and the employer failed to show up to pay them.

“Our employer has fled. No one has come to find a solution related to our seniority pay,” she said...

The workers are demanding their seniority pay and that they worked with the company for nearly five years.

Another worker Kun Nenh said the company has been selling some of its machinery but until now they have not paid them.

“The company keeps promising day after day that it will pay our last wages and some benefits but until now we have not gotten anything,” she said.

Ms Nenh said workers saw the company transporting some machinery out of the factory to sell which is why they are demanding that it speeds up paying them.

“We workers are finding it difficult to find money to pay for our housing and other expenses,” she added.

..., the company informed the workers it was no longer able to operate and had decided to sell off its machinery to pay seniority payments to all of them.

..., GMAC appealed to garment, footwear and travel goods buyers to continue sourcing from Cambodia.

In ... statement, the association said it has received commitments from some buyers, for which GMAC and Cambodian people are grateful...

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