Cambodia: Over 60 construction workers protest to demand their missing wages from a construction company

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times, Published on: 17 June 2020

"Construction workers demand missing wages", 17 June 2020

More than 60 construction workers of a shopping mall in the capital’s Tuol Kork district protested ... to demand three months’ worth of missing wages.

Chea Chanpov, one of the workers, said ... the construction company has failed to pay them for three months. Each worker is paid between $8 and $13 a day.

She added there are more than 100 workers employed in the construction of the mall, with 60 of them protesting.

“My husband, two sons, a daughter and I are working here. All my family members have not been paid at all. We depend on our wages for our daily expenses,” she said.

... Sou Chhlonh, first vice president of the Building and Wood Workers Trade Union Federation of Cambodia, said the workers have been protesting since Monday.

He said the workers’ livelihoods were hit hard due to the missing wages which they need to settle their debts...

A lawyer representing the Discover New City Company issued a statement ..., saying YU TI Building Decoration Engineering (Cambodia) Co Ltd was responsible for paying the workers because it had a construction contract to build the DNC Mall...

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