Campaigners file OECD Guidelines complaint claiming GCM Resources' coal mine in Bangladesh would displace locals & deprive access to water

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10 May 2017

Bangladesh: Phulbari protesters give ultimatum to meet 6-point demands

Author: Bipul Sarker Sunny, Tribune [Bangladesh]

Leaders of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports have demanded immediate implementation of their six-point demands regarding the clash between police and people who protested the proposed Phulbari open pit coal mine in Dinajpur in 2006. They also asked the government to withdraw false cases filed against the protesters following the 2006 incident... The committee threatened to take to the streets and stage demonstrations if their demands were not met by August 26...Phulbari locals staged a protest on August 26, 2006 against coal extraction from an open pit in the area proposed by Asia Energy Corporation (Bangladesh) Pvt Ltd. The protest turned violent when law enforcement agencies intervened, resulting in the death of three protesters and injuries to dozens more....The six-point demands are: cancellation of the agreement between the government and Asia Energy and a government declaration that no coal mining projects will be undertaken in the area, compensation for those injured and killed on August 26, 2006, the bringing of law enforcement members responsible for the deaths and injuries under investigation, return of the bodies of the protesters that could not be found, construction of a monument by the Phulbari bridge in memory of those killed in the protest, and compensation for the shopkeepers and rickshaw pullers who suffered damages by the law enforcement members during the clash.

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21 December 2015

Protesters fight coal mining project in Bangladesh

Author: Dave Carr, Socialist Party

For the last nine years the Committee to Protect Oil, Gas and Natural Resources in Bangladesh has organised protests in central London outside the AGM of coal mining conglomerate Global Coal Management Resources (GCM)...Socialist Party members joined the 2015 protest on 18 December outside plush offices adjacent to Hyde Park Corner...Despite the government repudiation, activists fear that GCM will get a deal with the Bangladesh government to begin coal mining in Phulbari. GCM appears to be continuing its attempts to raise funds for this operation.


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31 August 2015

National Contact Point's final statement

Author: UK National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

Follow up Statement after recommendations in complaint from IAP/WDM against GCM Resources 

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23 December 2012

GCM to continue pursuing deal on Phulbari coalmine [India]

Author: Nizam Ahmed, Financial Express [Bangladesh]

Protesters against [the Phulbari coal mine in Bangladesh] claimed...that they had lodged compliant against GCM with the OECD..."So far we have not received any tips from the concerned department of the OECD regarding the complaint," Chief Executive Officer of GCM Resources in Dhaka Mr Gary Lye...said...[He added that] GCM was ready to discuss the issue with any organisation or group, as the development scheme...was scientific and environment-friendly..."We are committed to developing the project and managing its social and environmental impacts to the highest international standards," GCM Chairman Gerard Holden told the [GCM annual] general meeting...[Also refers to Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Limited]

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19 December 2012

Bangladesh mine activists dump coal outside GCM meeting in London

Author: Simon Neville, Guardian [UK]

Activists dumped coal outside the annual meeting of mining firm GCM Resources in London on Thursday in protest at the company's plans for a controversial mine in Bangladesh...The firm...wants to run an open pit coal mine in the Phulbari township in the north of the country, despite claims that up to 130,000 people could be displaced and warnings by the UN that human rights could be violated...An official complaint to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has been made [mentioning] a UN report from earlier this year warning that "access to safe drinking water for some 220,000 people is at stake"...The company claims the mine will displace 40,000 people but create 17,000 jobs...GCM said development of the mine was essential for meeting Bangladesh's energy needs...

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Company response
19 March 2012

Response regarding Phulbari Coal Project

Author: Global Coal Management

The following is in response to the statement you released on 28 February 2012 concerning open pit coal mining in Phulbari, in North West Bangladesh.

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