Canada: 43 Mexicans forced to work as cleaners by alleged traffickers for low pay & live in squalid conditions

Author: Muriel Draaisma, CBC News, Published on: 12 February 2019

"Police in Ontario free 43 Mexicans brought to Canada by alleged human traffickers," 11 Feb 2019

Ontario Provincial Police say they have freed 43 modern-day slaves brought to Canada from Mexico by alleged human traffickers and forced to work as cleaners at hotels. The 43, mostly men aged 20 to 46, were coached on what to say when they entered Canada, lived in "squalid" conditions... and were transported to hotel and vacation properties in Central and Eastern Ontario to work... [T]he traffickers allegedly controlled the pay made by the workers. The victims had paid the traffickers large amounts of money to leave Mexico and were charged fees for transportation and lodgings... A number of sources told police last year that a Barrie-based cleaning company, run by two people, was trafficking and defrauding the Mexican-born workers... The Mexicans had been brought to Canada "under the pretense" of being here for educational purposes or the promise of work visas and eventually permanent residency status... [Barrie police chief Kimberley Greenwood said,] "I am pleased to announce that all of the victims have been offered employment and accommodations at a local resort... Whether it involves forced labour or the sex trade, the trafficking of humans is unacceptable. It has no place in our communities and will not be tolerated."

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