Central African Rep.: "Blood gold" & diamonds illegally exported, fuel conflict (Bloomberg)

Author: Ilya Gridneff, Bloomberg News (USA), Published on: 9 March 2015

"Blood Gold Flows Illegally From Central African Republic"

Revenue generated by illegal exports of gold, diamonds and other resources is fueling a conflict that has engulfed Central African Republic...Seleka [rebel group] controls “swathes of territory” in Central African Republic’s gold- and diamond-producing regions in the east, according to...International Peace Information Service...Government officials and soldiers were deployed to mining areas in 2008 and confiscated diamonds, it said...[One gold mine,] Ndassima was previously licensed to Axmin Inc....In December 2012, the company suspended operations...On the day a Bloomberg reporter traveled to the mine, a pit collapse had buried alive at least two miners and injured at least one other...

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