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Cerrejon response to article by the National Trade Union School on the company's accident rate

Author: Cerrejon, Published on: 6 September 2017

...Cerrejón rejects the arguments that the accidents on August 7 of 2017 happened due to company pressure to increase productivity... the safety of our employees and contractors is a value more than a priority, and we refuse to change that under any circumstances. A fatality-free and injury-free operation is our main objective. 

Cerrejón schedules monthly meetings with employees and the trade union to rigorously address safety topics and other issues that contribute to maintaining a good work environment. The meeting in August after the accidents on the date mentioned above was scheduled well in advance. 

The current collective bargaining agreement (2016–2017) between Cerrejón and Sintracarbón includes a specific section on workplace health and safety and occupational hazards, which was compiled jointly by the company and the union. Cerrejón is completely willing to review that section in the next collective bargaining negotiations and to include topics that may contribute to keeping our operations safe.

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This is a response from the following companies: Cerrejón Coal (joint venture Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Glencore)