Child rights in marketing and advertising

Author: UNICEF & Guardian Sustainable Business (UK), Published on: 24 February 2014

Building on what it means for businesses to respect and support children’s rights, the Guardian Sustainable Business in collaboration with UNICEF is dedicating an entire week (February the 24th to the 28th) to the following theme: Marketing & Advertising to Children. Each day, the Guardian will feature a mix of editorial and multimedia content from a broad range of contributors engaged in this topic including journalists, businesses such as Unilever and Lego, as well as UNICEF staff from a Natcom & Country Office (Sweden & Mexico) and entries from UNICEF’s Voices of Youth community on the following topics: (1) An info graph on Principle 6 of the CRBPs with suggested actions for business...(2) A podcast discussion on what are the issues at stake with advertisers, UNICEF; business voice...(3) What are the effects of marketing & advertising on children’s health and nutrition? (4) How does technology especially social media change the way marketing operates in regards to advertising to children?

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