Child safety online [initiative by VISA Europe]

Author: Visa, Published on: 9 May 2011

We have a duty to act as responsible citizens, not just to protect our reputation but because it’s the right thing to do. One example of this is the work we do to combat child abuse online. Our rules are clear – our products and services must not be used illegally. Since 2001, card acquirers – Visa members that sign up retailers and businesses to accept Visa debit, credit or prepaid cards – have been prohibited from accepting payments from sites that are trading in child abuse images or materials. We also run a programme that crawls through hundreds of millions of online pages, looking out for any instances where the Visa acceptance logo is shown on the same site as child abuse imagery. We then work proactively with our members to withdraw acceptance from these retailers and businesses and work with police authorities worldwide to track the perpetrators of this criminal activity and close such sites.

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