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China: Apple reportedly agrees to give access for Chinese Govt's "security checks", raising privacy concerns


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22 January 2015

Apple is reportedly giving the Chinese government access to its devices for “security checks”

Author: Heather Timmons, Quartz

...Beijing News [reports]...that Apple chief executive Tim Cook informed [Chinese internet czar] Lu [Wei]...that Apple would let China’s State Internet Information Office conduct “security checks” on all products that it sells on the mainland. China has been concerned that Apple devices like the iPhone enable the company—or worse, US intelligence agencies—to spy on Chinese citizens...“There were rumors that Apple built back doors in its devices, and let third parties have data and access those devices, but that was never true and that we would never do that in the future either,” [Apple chief executive Tim] Cook reportedly said...Inside knowledge would make it much easier for the Chinese government to find bugs and vulnerabilities in Apple’s products...[Percy Alpha from anti-censorship group GreatFire.org] said, and “the government can then exploit such vulnerabilities to hack iPhone or MacBooks.”...Most alarmingly, Alpha added, an agreement would mean that “Apple users world-wide are much more vulnerable to spying from the Chinese government.”...

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Author: 横路, BBC中文网


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Author: 橫路, BBC中文網

蘋果手機為了能夠在中國繼續銷售手機和其他產品,接受了中國的要求,即讓中國對其產品進行全面安全檢察。 ...蘋果硬件和軟件的設計都來自美國,因此中國政府擔心中國公民會因為使用蘋果產品而受到秘密監視。 ...蘋果公司沒有對上述報導作評論。 ...中國中央電視台報導說,蘋果手機經常去的地方的定位功能可能被用來傳遞用戶何時去過哪裡的信息。有研究人員在電視採訪中說,這類信息屬於特別敏感信息,可能會暴露國家機密。蘋果公司過去受到中國國家媒體的批評,他們被指向美國間諜機構提供用戶的數據,中國媒體報導呼籲嚴厲制裁蘋果公司。 ...自去年美國國家安全局前僱員斯諾登逃亡並揭露美國網絡監視醜聞後,所謂的斯諾登效應波及到美國硬件公司在中國的銷售,美國Cisco和IBM的銷售都受到了影響。 ...

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