China: Construction firm allegedly hired individuals with HIV to harass residents into leaving their homes

Demolition in China (courtesy of Leniners on Flickr)

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Author: 新华网

...河南南阳一处纳入拆迁的小区惊现“艾滋病拆迁队”。相关人员自称是艾滋病患者,以此恐吓、骚扰尚未签署拆迁协议的居民及早搬迁,事件引发社会广泛关注。 12月27日,河南南阳官方公布“艾滋病拆迁队”调查结果:幕后黑手为开发商——南阳市亿安房地产开发有限公司,该公司雇佣社会人员刘某某组成所谓拆迁办公室,之后刘某某组织6名艾滋病患者组成“艾滋病拆迁队”,目前,5名主要嫌疑人已被控制,多名官员被处分。…

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Author: 新華網

...河南南陽一處納入拆遷的小區惊現“艾滋病拆遷隊”。相關人員自稱是艾滋病患者,以此恐嚇、騷擾尚未簽署拆遷協議的居民及早搬遷,事件引發社會廣泛關注。 12月27日,河南南陽官方公佈“艾滋病拆遷隊”調查結果:幕後黑手為開發商——南陽市億安房地產開發有限公司,該公司僱傭社會人員劉某某組成所謂拆遷辦公室,之後劉某某組織6名艾滋病患者組成“艾滋病拆遷隊”,目前,5名主要嫌疑人已被控制,多名官員被處分。 …

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29 December 2014

China 'AIDS demolition team' harass residents

Author: Agencies / Al Jazeera

Five suspects have been detained by authorities in Central China after six individuals infected with HIV were hired to harass residents into leaving their homes to make way for new construction projects.

The incident, which took place in the Henan province, sparked anger and debate among China's Internet users on Tuesday highlighting continued widespread discrimination in the country against those living with HIV and AIDS.

Li Gejun, deputy head of the propaganda office in Wolong, a district of Nanyang, told CCTV that the Yi'an Real Estate Company hired the patients "in order to achieve its goal of speedy demolition"...

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