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China: Dangerous sandblasting technique allegedly used in jeans factories producing for Hollister, A&F & American Eagle, companies respond

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16 March 2015

Responses from American Eagle Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch

Author: Leonie Barrie, Just-style

"Sandblasting scandal in Chinese jeans factories", 17 March 2015

American Eagle Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch told jest-style that recent audits found no evidence of sandblasting or sandblasting equipment at a factory in China where the deadly process is said to be used to make their jeans. Their feedback comes in response to a year-long undercover investigation by Al Jazeera...which claimed factories across China are still using the sandblasting process.

American Eagle Outfitters says it "thoroughly investigated the factory Dongguan Tim Cheung and heave verified that all sandblasting equipment has been removed from the factory."

While A&F says audits in March 2014 and February 2015 "found no evidence of sandblasting being used by Dongguan Tianxiang or the presence of sandblasting equipment. Any violation of this directive will be treated as a serious matter." It adds: "We will review available evidence from the videos when they are released and will take appropriate action."

Both US denim retailers have banned the use of sandblasting during the manufacturing process... [also mentions Target, Levi Strauss, H&M, Gucci, Benetton & Esprit]

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Author: 石头LOVE月, 龙腾网(翻译)

[英语版本含Abercrombie&Fitch及鹰牌服饰(American Eagle Outfitters)的回应]

Al Jazxeera 经过一年的调查后发现,中国工厂正在使用具有潜在致命风险的喷砂来为注明时装品牌生产牛仔裤…暗访调查发现,这些工厂中有些在使用喷砂,这种生产过程会使工人患上称为矽肺病的呼吸道疾病…喷砂是指将细沙被引导到一个空气枪然后高压下喷洒在牛仔布上,以使布料看起来像是磨损一样。这种牛仔裤处理方式快速,便宜但是危险。

Al Jazeera发现,在中国南方的一个工厂里,喷砂部门里有霍利斯特的商标。在这个工厂的另一个部门里,Al Jazeera发现牛仔裤上贴着美国鹰牌服饰和Abercrombie and Fitch的商标,Abercrombie&Fitch是霍利斯特商标的持有人…一位曾经工作于天翔工厂的工人,他非常担忧里面的工作条件,于是秘密拍摄下了工厂里的工作环境。"一整天都在闻化学气味,我都没有食欲了。每天我都是空着肚子工作。"他说…"当我进来时便感到令人窒息,开始咳嗽。甚至难以呼吸。就像在呼吸着浑浊的空气。"

…美国鹰运动用品的公关公司对Al Jazeera说,所有的喷砂设备都已经从工厂中撤走,但是他们拒绝说明什么时候撤走的…

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Author: 石頭LOVE月, 龍騰網(翻譯)

[英語版本含Abercrombie&Fitch及鷹牌服飾( American Eagle Outfitters )的回應]

Al Jazxeera 經過一年的調查後發現,中國工廠正在使用具有潛在致命風險的噴砂來為註明時裝品牌生產牛仔褲…暗訪調查發現,這些工廠中有些在使用噴砂,這種生產過程會使工人患上稱為矽肺病的​​呼吸道疾病…噴砂是指將細沙被引導到一個空氣槍然後高壓下噴灑在牛仔布上,以使布料看起來像是磨損一樣。這種牛仔褲處理方式快速,便宜但是危險。

Al Jazeera發現,在中國南方的一個工廠裡,噴砂部門裡有霍利斯特的商標。在這個工廠的另一個部門裡,Al Jazeera發現牛仔褲上貼著美國鷹牌服飾和Abercrombie and Fitch的商標,Abercrombie&Fitch是霍利斯特商標的持有人…一位曾經工作於天翔工廠的工人,他非常擔憂裡面的工作條件,於是秘密拍攝下了工廠裡的工作環境。 "一整天都在聞化學氣味,我都沒有食慾了。每天我都是空著肚子工作。"他說…"當我進來時便感到令人窒息,開始咳嗽。甚至難以呼吸。就像在呼吸著渾濁的空氣。"

…美國鷹運動用品的公關公司對Al Jazeera說,所有的噴砂設備都已經從工廠中撤走,但是他們拒絕說明什麼時候撤走的…

🚫Read the full post here

10 March 2015

Sandblasting still being used in Chinese jean factories

Author: Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera uncovered evidence of poorly ventilated, dusty and dirty factories at Xintang in China’s Guangdong province, where an estimated 260 million pairs of jeans are produced each year…[It] found that some of the factories used sandblasting, a manufacturing process which can lead to a fatal respiratory disease known as silicosis.

[Inside the factory]…Al Jazeera found jeans with the labels [Hollister,] American Eagle Outfitters and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Factory managers refused to discuss the process, but [anonymous] workers…confirmed the controversial practice continues…Some…say they suffer not only from lung problems but also from allergies caused by dyes and other chemicals used in the making of denim.

[Former employee] Shan…filmed secret footage inside the factory. “After smelling the chemicals all day, I had no appetite. I would work on an empty stomach every day,” he says. [His p]hotographs…show chemicals haphazardly stored in open containers in a crowded room. Workers with very little, or even no protective gear, spray potassium permanganate, an inorganic chemical compound onto rows of jeans…

American Eagle Outfitter’s PR Company informed Al Jazeera that all sandblasting equipment has been removed from the factory, however they refused to comment on when this took place…

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