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1 December 2005

The China model

Author: Ben Schiller, Open Democracy

[China's] model of international development is of increasing concern to NGOs, international financial institutions and Western companies trying to improve transparency and human rights, and develop “capacity” in poor countries. The worry is that...

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22 March 2006

Independent Review Reveals Serious Flaws in Sudan’s Merowe Dam

Author: International Rivers Network

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Merowe Dam in Sudan, the largest hydropower project currently under construction in Africa, is of poor quality and does not address many of the project’s potential impacts on the environment......

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23 April 2006

Three killed in Sudan protest over Nile dam

Author: AFP

Three civilians were killed in violent clashes between Sudanese police and residents protesting the construction of a dam on the Nile river north of Khartoum, police said...Nine people, including four policemen, were also wounded in the clashes Friday...

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24 April 2006

Al-Jazeera coverage of the incident at Merowe Dam, Sudan [video footage in arabic]

Author: Al-Jazeera

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5 May 2006

[DOC] ABB statement regarding incident in which 3 civilians were killed during protests over Merowe dam, Sudan

Author: ABB

ABB has met the Sudanese authorities and expressed concern about the reported violent incidents in the Amri School area in April. Taking note of the Sudanese government's intention to hold a formal inquiry into the incidents, ABB has called for a full...

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12 May 2006

[DOC] Response of China International Water & Electric Corp. (CWE) to concerns about shooting near Merowe Dam, Sudan

Author: Ding Zhengguo - Vice President, China International Water & Electric Corp. (CWE) & Project Director, CCMD Joint Venture, Merowe Dam Project

...[T]he Government of Sudan has assigned local security force to be responsible for the security of the Merowe Dam Project since commencement of the Project...Security personnel from professional security companies engaged by the contractors and...

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Company response
17 May 2006

Response by CWE (see China International Water & Electric): 3 civilians killed during protests over Merowe dam.

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1 September 2006

[PDF] Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice: Engineering Contractors and their Clients

Author: Engineers against poverty, International Alert

Contractors operating in unstable states face a range of conflict risks. Oil, gas and mining projects, which frequently have significant contractor involvement, can inadvertently trigger or sustain violence, or become the focus of resentment themselves...

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28 July 2007

The Quest for Oil - China invests while Sudan wars in Darfur

Author: Dan Morrison, US News & World Report

China has invested an estimated $6 billion plus in Sudan's oil infrastructure... Africa's biggest ongoing dam project, the Merowe Dam, will soon provide 1,250 megawatts to [Sudan], courtesy of the Chinese International Water & Electric Corp....

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19 February 2014

Cameroon Network of Human Rights Organizations publishes report highlighting concerns over respect for human rights by companies involved in major projects in the country

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