China: IPE report raises concerns over pollution from a no. of suspected Disney suppliers; Disney responds

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NGO rejoinder
4 October 2016

IPE response re “Disney response to BHRRC re IPE report on environmental impacts of product manufacturing”

Author: Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE)

"IPE response re “Disney response to BHRRC re IPE report on environmental impacts of product manufacturing”, 24 Sep 2016

We appreciate and recognize Disney’s public response and are encouraged to learn that “Disney is in the process of reaching out to the licensees and vendors involved to discuss ways in which these environmental issues can be addressed.” We hope to see public disclosure of how the suppliers have resolved or plan to resolve their non-compliance issues.

Given Disney’s public commitments to “actively screen, evaluate and study the direct and indirect impacts that its daily operations pose on the environment,” we believe that it is essential for Disney to tap into the expansion of environmental transparency in China by screening their high-impact suppliers against publicly available monitoring data and requiring non-compliant suppliers to openly address their violation records. We have discussed about this with Disney in a series of meetings dating back to 2012 and we look forward to solid actions taken this time.

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Company response
19 September 2016

Disney response to IPE report on environmental impacts of product manufacturing

Author: Disney

…The Institute of Public and Environmental  Affairs  (IPE) inquired if seven facilities were suppliers to Disney…

  • Of  the  seven  facilities  that  IPE  mentioned  in  their  report,  four  are  not  authorized  to  produce  Disney‐branded  products  for  Disney  or  its  licensees  and  vendors.
    • Three  facilities  have  never  been  authorized  by  Disney:
      • 爱德士鞋业(山东)有限公司(Atechs  Footwear  Shangdong)      
      • 南通爱德士鞋业有限公司(Nantong  Atechs  Footwear  Co.,  Ltd),  and
      • 万兴(佛冈)玩具有限公司  (Million  Best  Toys  Co.,  Ltd.)      
    • One  facility  has  not  been  authorized  by  Disney  since  2009      
      • 爱德士鞋业(江苏)有限公司(Atechs  Jiangsu)   
    • …[I]t  is  not  unusual  for  facilities  to  claim  some  relationship  with  Disney  even  if  such  a  relationship  never  existed.  In  such  cases  Disney  may  take  additional  steps  to  help  ensure  that  these  facilities  refrain  from  making  such  claims.  
  • Three  facilities  are  currently  authorized  to  produce  Disney--‐branded  product  for  multiple  licensees  or  vendors.  
    • The  facilities  are:          
      • 晋江市汉鑫服装织造有限公司  (Jin  Jiang  Han  Xin  Garments  &  Weaving  Co.,  Ltd.)
      • 晋江市七彩狐服装织造有限公司(Qicaihu  Garments  Weaving  Co.,  Ltd.)          
      • 华纺股份有限公司  (Huafang  Co.,  Ltd.),
    • For  these  three  facilities,  Disney  is  in  the  process  of  reaching  out  to  the  licensees  and  vendors  involved  to  discuss  ways  in  which  these  environmental  issues  can  be  addressed.    

…Disney…encourage  BHRRC  and  any  other  party  to  contact  us  directly  before  releasing  public  reports  so  that  we  may  work  together  to  resolve  any  issues  in  a  timely  and  constructive  manner.

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23 August 2016

Walt Disney: Going Green or Greenwashing?

Author:  Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs  (IPE)

…[E]nvironmental groups’ extensive research and follow-up investigations show that behind Disney’s supply chain environmental management performance consistently lags far behind that of leading industry brands…Shanghai Lennon Textile Co., Ltd…obtained licensing from Disney…IPE’s public database show that in 2013, the company’s total wastewater discharge exceeded the legal standard for chroma…

Disney provided the following responses on August 19 to earlier email from IPE regarding the pollution records of suspected supplier Atechs Group: The first facility (…Atechs Shandong) was never authorized to manufacture Disney-branded products; The second facility – Atechs Jiangsu – has not been authorized to manufacture Disney-branded product since 2009. The facility was not engaged directly or indirectly by Disney, but only by two of Disney’s independent licensees that produced products for their own accounts, and not for or on behalf of Disney…

Investigations carried out by IPE found that a number of Disney’s suspected suppliers have environmental violations…Jinjiang Hanxin Garment Weaving Co., Led. Indicates that the company has passed a Disney audit…Qicaihu Swimwear Group, states…that it maintains long-term partnerships with Disney...During an inspection carried out this February…both companies were found to have begun construction without either first submitting construction project…EIA documents or obtaining EIA permission…

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