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16 February 2015

Briefing highlights Chinese companies' engagement with business & human rights

Author: Global Business Initiative on Human Rights, UN Global Compact Network China, Institute for Human Rights and Business, Peking University, Tracktwo

"China Responsible Business Forum: Corporate Responsibility in the Era of the UN Guiding Principles", 17 February 2015...

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6 October 2014

China: Report illustrates project supporting business dialogue on human rights

This is a report from a project entitled “The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights in China and Globally”, which aimed to support participants to enter into meaningful peer-to-peer dialogue, and to share policies and practices related to...

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1 September 2013

[PDF] Sustainable Business & Investment in the global context: Rights, Risks and Responsibilities [China]

Author: Global Business Initiative on Human Rights

This report has been written to document key speeches, discussions, insights and outcomes from event series entitled ‘Sustainable Business and Investment in the Global Context: Rights, Risks and Responsibilities’, held in...

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3 May 2013

China and Human Rights

Author: Mark Nordstrom, Senior Labor & Employment Counsel, General Electric

Recent GBI gatherings have taken place in Brazil, Egypt, Kenya and, most recently, China. [As] GBI leadership...[planned] its meeting in Beijing...there was substantial concern about discussing human rights with Chinese businesses and civil society...

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1 May 2013

[PDF] Sustainable Business and Investment in the Global Context: Rights, Risks and Responsibilities - An event series: 16 and 17 April 2013, Beijing, China

Author: Global Business Initiative

On Tuesday 16 April and Wednesday 17 April, an event series was held in Beijing…entitled “Sustainable Business and Investment in the Global Context: Rights, Risks and Responsibilities”. This meeting…[brought] together participants for a practical...

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7 August 2012

BSR's Clean Cargo Group Improves Transparency of Carbon Emissions in Ocean Shipping

Author: BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

BSR’s Clean Cargo Working Group has released its latest paper revealing average carbon emissions by trade lane for the ocean shipping industry. The release of the emissions data—reported by 13 of the world’s leading ocean container carriers, which...

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27 November 2011
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Author: 中国青年报


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8 June 2011

In Greek Port, Storm Brews Over Chinese-Run Labor

Author: Louisa Lim, NPR

Cosco doesn't allow unions or collective bargaining among its 500-plus Greek workers. The unions report that Cosco workers are largely unskilled and working on a temporary basis, with no benefits...During two visits last year…the labor inspection...

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29 January 2011

UN Secretary-General Launches New Platform for Corporate Sustainability Leadership

Author: UN Global Compact

Underscoring the role of business in addressing global threats - from climate change to widespread poverty or humanitarian emergencies - a group of chief executives joined UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Davos/Switzerland today for the launch of...

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16 April 2010

Oxfam corporate social responsibility survey of Hong Kong firms - HSBC, China Light Power, China Mobile top ranking

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