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China: Sinopec petroleum pipeline explodes after leaking, killing at least 22

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12 January 2014

Sixty-three penalized over Sinopec pipeline explosion [China]

Author: Xinhua (China)

Sixty-three people have been penalized over a fatal pipeline explosion that claimed 62 lives in…Qingdao on Nov. 22, 2013, the State Council said…Fu Chengyu, board chairman of Sinopec, China's second-biggest oil producer and operator of the pipeline, received a demerit administrative sanction, and Qingdao mayor Zhang Xinqi received a warning administrative sanction…Sinopec responded by saying that it would submit to the penalties and will learn lessons from the tragedy. It said in a statement that it will continue to cooperate with local government in handling the aftermath of the accident and overhaul safety hazards in its pipeline network. The major cause of the accident was corrosion that wore down the pipeline, leading to the break. Repair work on a sewage cover plate on the day of the accident involved the use of a hydraulic hammer that wasn't explosion-proof, producing the sparks that triggered the blasts, a spokesman from China's top work safety watchdog said…

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Author: 叶汉民,京报 [中国]

青岛市“11•22”中石化东黄输油管道泄漏爆炸特别重大事故…国家安全监管总局局长杨栋梁指出,这次事故损失惨重,暴露出的突出…输油管道与城市排水管网规划布置不合理;安全生产责任不落 实,对输油管道疏于管理,造成原油泄漏;泄漏后的应急处置不当,未按规定采取设置警戒区、封闭道路、通知疏散人员等预防性措施。这是一起十分严重的责任事故…官方微博消息…警方已控制…爆炸事故中石化相关人员7人,青岛经济技术开发区相关人员2人…截至25日7时,事故造成55人死亡、9人失踪…

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25 November 2013

9 detained after oil pipeline blasts in China

Author: Associated Press

Police have detained seven employees of China's largest oil refiner, Sinopec, following last week's oil pipeline blast that killed at least 55 people…Two Qingdao city employees also were in police custody…The Sinopec pipeline…ruptured…and spilled oil along a long stretch of road, as well as into the nearby sea. Hours later the oil exploded as workers tried to clean up the spill. China's government demanded accountability in the disaster, the deadliest involving Sinopec. Yang Dongliang, head of the State Administration of Work Safety…said the pipeline's layout was unreasonable, that its safety management was lax and that Sinopec and local officials failed to take enough preventative measures after the leak, such as cordoning off the area and evacuating residents…[The] blast also left 136 people injured and nine others missing. Sinopec's expansion of petrochemical projects has met with resistance from…the public…Sinopec apologized…for the explosions. It said it would investigate and "give timely reports."

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22 November 2013

Qingdao oil pipeline blast kills 22 [China]

Author: Zhu Ningzhu, Xinhua (China)

At least 22 people were killed after a leaking pipeline caught fire and exploded…in…Qingdao…local authorities said…The accident happened around 10:30 a.m. in Huangdao District when workers were repairing the petroleum pipeline, which began leaking oil at around 3 a.m...Oil flow through the pipeline was shut down at about 3:15 a.m.. The fire has been put out, and barricades have been set up to stop the oil from entering the sea, according to…the official microblog of the Qingdao municipal environmental protection bureau on Sina Weibo…The 176-km pipeline, which links oil depots in Huangdao to Weifang City…is owned by Sinopec…An oil belt with a length of two to three meters could be seen in waters around the explosion spot...No new oil leakage from the pipeline had been found, according to a Xinhua reporter…Environmental monitoring showed that the concentration of toxic materials in the air is under the national standard…

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Author: 新华社

山东省青岛经济技术开发区…输油管线泄漏爆燃已造成 22人死亡…发生爆燃的是中石化管道储运分公司黄岛油库至潍坊的地下输油管道,今晨抢修过程中发生爆燃…多名目击者发布的微博信息显示,现场可见浓烟滚滚,附近部分地区临时停电…青岛市公安局黄岛分局官方微博“青岛开发区公安”转发微博称,“目前开发区管委正在组织力量进行处置,请事故附近的车辆服从交警调流。”…凌晨3时许,中石化黄潍输油管线一输油管道发生破裂事故,造成原油泄漏。上午10时许,抢修过程中,管道破裂处起火。市、区政府领导及开发区公安、消防、安监、市政、环保等多部门立即赶赴现场,目前正组织力量紧急处置。事故原因正在调查中。

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Author: 新華社


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