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Company response
3 August 2013

Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) response to reports on alleged human rights impacts of Shwe gas & Myanmar-China oil transport projects

Author: Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)

[Unofficial translation of title and text from original Chinese provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre] …[T]he land acquisition and compensation work shall at all times be in accordance with the laws and regulations of Myanmar; land...

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25 June 2013

Myanmar's Reform Government To Renegotiate Billions Of Dollars Of Resource Deals To Combat Corruption; Nation's Military And Chinese Companies May Take A Hit

Author: Sophie Song, International Business Times

The Myanmar government will renegotiate billions of dollars' worth of its natural resources deals to clamp down on corruption and impose tougher environmental standards…Myanmar has huge reserves of resources including natural gas, crude oil, tin,...

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21 May 2013

China Power Investment tells National League for Democracy delegation it wants to restart Myitsone Dam project in Myanmar, suspended over environmental concerns

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10 April 2013

Selected impacts of the Shwe natural gas & Myanmar-China oil transport projects

Author: EarthRights International

The Shwe natural gas and Myanmar-China oil transport projects are having severe impacts on affected communities living along and near the projects…Currently nearing completion, the projects are disrupting traditional subsistence agriculture and fishing...

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1 April 2013

Shan farmers oppose the Shwe pipelines [Myanmar]

Author: Northern Shan Farmers’ Committee

The approaching May 2013 deadline for the completion of China’s giant oil and gas pipelines across Burma is causing growing alarm among thousands of Shans along the pipeline route. A third of the 800-kilometer route crosses northern Shan State, through...

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13 March 2013

Wanbao Welcomes Inquiry Commission’s Verdict

Author: Kyaw Phyo Tha, Irrawaddy

The Chinese mining company behind the controversial Letpadaung copper mine in Sagaing Division has welcomed the final report of a parliamentary commission that advises going ahead with the project despite continuing demands from local people for its...

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20 February 2013

Zambia seizes control of Chinese-owned mine amid safety fears

Author: BBC [UK]

Zambian mining minister, Yamfwa Mukanga, said that the government had cancelled all three licences held by [Chinese-owned] Collum Coal mine...[and] would "continue operating them until a suitable investor is found"…Mr Mukanga said the mine had a poor...

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Company response
18 February 2013
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Author: 中国石油天然气集团 [CNPC]

中石油...在乍得作业基本沿用了西方的作业流程,包括环境影响评价、公共咨询、社区关系等。与此同时,公司也基于乍得相关法律, 并借鉴其他国际公司在乍得积累的经验和流程等, 逐步制定和完善了中石油乍得项目的各项制度, 包括环境管理计划(EMP)、 各种应急预案、社区关系处理制度等。6 年来,我公司的相关工作得到了乍得政府、当地社会和NGO 等的认可和肯定。对于报告中提到我公司缺乏与乍得政府和社区沟通以及环境和健康风险管理系统受制于工期的问题, 可能受语言能力的限制, 在沟通工作中存在理解方面的差异,...

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14 February 2013

Burma police ‘used white phosphorous’ on mine protesters

Author: Jonah Fisher, BBC

Burmese police fired military-issue white phosphorus grenades to disperse protesters at a controversial copper mine, a new report says. Scores of people, many of them monks, were injured and burned when authorities moved in to violently end months of...

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31 October 2012

[PDF] The environmental challenges facing a Chinese oil company in Chad

Author: Geert van Vliet et Géraud Magrin, CIRAD, editors, for Agence française de développement

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited CNPC to respond to this book. Its response is provided in the linked item (only available in Chinese).] This book analyses the factors that influence environmental management by the CNPC [China...

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