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Oxfam: "China and the Developing World Programme" - focused on investments in agriculture in Africa and Southeast Asia

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30 May 2011

Court orders 9 businesses to stop cultivating vegetables on contaminated soil in Krasnoyarsk province [Russia]

Author: SIBNOVOSTI [Russia]

[Title translation and summary translation of the original Russian language article provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre] The regional and district courts of the Krasnoyarsk province ordered owners of land plots and Chinese land...

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1 March 2011

Rice Land Grabs Undermine Food Sovereignty in Africa

Author: GRAIN

While African governments proclaim their commitments to food self-sufficiency, behind the backs of their people they are signing an alarming number of deals with foreign investors that give these investors control over their countries’ most important...

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10 June 2009

Asia: Land grabs threaten food security

Author: IRIN

The problem of land grabbing by foreign investors and governments...extends well beyond the confines of Cambodia...In the Philippines this year, Bahrain secured 10,000 ha for agro-fishery, Qatar leased 100,000 ha, and an unknown company from China...

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