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Colombia: Projects by Emerald Energy, oil subsidiary of Sinochem raise environmental and human rights concerns

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Author: 马天杰,中外对话


…作为哥伦比亚政治经济环境变迁的一个重要的中国见证者,[中化集团]自2009年收购英国上市能源企业埃默拉尔德能源公司以来,已在这个国家深耕8年。…通过这次关键收购,中化集团获得了在哥伦比亚的多块油田资产,…2013年,在哥国内安全局势显著改善的情况下,埃默拉尔德能源公司宣布与哥伦比亚国家石油公司合作开展三个新区块的勘探作业。其中,位于卡克塔省的诺加尔(Nogal)区块被认为“勘探风险小,资源潜力大。” 但…诺加尔区块的开发得到的不全是欢迎。…在瓦尔帕莱索的乡间,农民们对于该项目议论纷纷。“我们是务农的,石油产业不能给我们带来什么。”年轻的里格伯特·华伦西亚是当中最有话说的一个。他担心石油公司的地震测试会影响到他们的水源。…“我的整个生计就是我的农场。” 石油开采所可能产生的废水排放和石油泄漏是当地居民的心病。

在2014年,该公司就在卡格达省组织了多场沟通会,向当地社区代表介绍项目情况。… 该公司完成了环境影响评价,…认为工程对当地水质仅会造成“一般性负面影响。” 对于评价中的一些具体结论,村民们…有微辞,尤其是涉及该地区的一种极度濒危的卡克塔伶猴(Callicebus caquetensis)的评价…2015年6月,焦虑的瓦尔帕莱索村民们决定升级他们的抵制行动。他们封锁了通往一个地震测试点的唯一道路,以阻止企业进行计划中的探测。这场对峙引来了哥政府防暴警察…发射…催泪弹以驱散人群。村民胡安·帕布罗·查维兹被催泪弹击中额头血流如注,还有另外多人受伤…

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Author: 馬天傑,中外對話


…作為哥倫比亞政治經濟環境變遷的一個重要的中國見證者,[中化集團]自2009年收購英國上市能源企業埃默拉爾德能源公司以來,已在這個國家深耕8年。 …通過這次關鍵收購,中化集團獲得了在哥倫比亞的多塊油田資產,…2013年,在哥國內安全局勢顯著改善的情況下,埃默拉爾德能源公司宣布與哥倫比亞國家石油公司合作開展三個新區塊的勘探作業。其中,位於卡克塔省的諾加爾(Nogal)區塊被認為“勘探風險小,資源潛力大。” 但…諾加爾區塊的開發得到的不全是歡迎。 …在瓦爾帕萊索的鄉間,農民們對於該項目議論紛紛。 “我們是務農的,石油產業不能給我們帶來什麼。”年輕的里格伯特·華倫西亞是當中最有話說的一個。他擔心石油公司的地震測試會影響到他們的水源。 …“我的整個生計就是我的農場。” 石油開採所可能產生的廢水排放和石油洩漏是當地居民的心病。

在2014年,該公司就在卡格達省組織了多場溝通會,向當地社區代表介紹項目情況。 … 該公司完成了環境影響評價,…認為工程對當地水質僅會造成“一般性負面影響。” 對於評價中的一些具體結論,村民們…有微辭,尤其是涉及該地區的一種極度瀕危的卡克塔伶猴(Callicebus caquetensis)的評價…2015年6月,焦慮的瓦爾帕萊索村民們決定升級他們的抵制行動。他們封鎖了通往一個地震測試點的唯一道路,以阻止企業進行計劃中的探測。這場對峙引來了哥政府防暴警察…發射…催淚彈以驅散人群。村民胡安·帕布羅·查維茲被催淚彈擊中額頭血流如注,還有另外多人受傷…

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6 December 2017

Emerald Energy, oil subsidiary of Sinochem, faces local community challenges in Colombia

Author: Ma Tianjie, chinadialogue

 'Oil, monkeys, guerrillas: Chinese companies face problems in the Amazon', 30 November 2017

[Sinochem] witnessed political, economic and environmental changes in Colombia – it has worked in the country since 2009, when it purchased UK firm Emerald Energy...The acquisition gave Sinochem a number of oilfields in Colombia. In 2013...Emerald Energy announced the exploration of... the Nogal block in Caquetá [which] was regarded as enjoying "low prospecting risk, high resouce potential". But the development at Nogal hasn’t received a wholehearted welcome in... Caquetá. There is much debate about the project in the village of Valparaíso [one of the Amazonian regions that the projects encraches on]. “We’re farmers, the oil industry won’t mean anything for us,” says the youthful Rigoberto Valencia, the most talkative of the group. He worries the seismic testing will affect the local water supply. “The farm is our only livelihood.” Wastewater and possible leaks from oil drilling are a concern for the farmers. In 2014, Emerald Energy arranged a number of meetings in Caquetá to tell community representatives about the project. The environmental impact assessment said there would only be “moderate negative impacts” on water quality. But...the villagers are also critical of some of the report’s conclusions, particularly those regarding one of the area’s endangered animals, a monkey called the Caquetá titi (Callicebus caquetensis). In June 2015, worried villagers of Valparaíso decided to step up their efforts, blockading the only road to one of the seismic testing points to prevent the company from carrying out its work. The riot police... used tear gas ... one villager, Juan Pablo Chávez, was left bleeding.

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18 October 2017

Colombia: Tensions over land and natural resources may threaten peace, according to NGOs analysing challenges of increased foreign investment

Author: Dialogo Chino

“Social opposition to extractive industries hits all-time high in Colombia” – 12 October 2017

Peace remains illusory for many Colombians a year on from the signing of a historic deal with guerrilla group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)…Tensions over land and natural resources persist in rural areas despite the end of conflict between FARC and the Colombian government. This is in part because the government continues to prioritise the extraction and export of commodities such as oil without properly consulting affected communities, according to Camilo González Posso, director of Colombia’s Institute for Peace and Development Studies (INDEPAZ)… The Nogal oil block in the southern former FARC stronghold of Caquetá is an example of resource-related conflicts taking place all over the country, says Joel Ross, Latin America analyst at UK consultancy Verisk Maplecroft…Drilling in the Nogal block, which is owned by Emerald Energy, a British subsidiary of China’s Sinochem, will cause irreparable damage to the water and soil that sensitive Amazon ecosystems and communities depend on, opponents say…Vanessa Torres…says many development projects had stalled in Colombia because of the presence of guerrillas…With graft-tainted Brazilian infrastructure giant Odebrecht selling assets in Colombia, China’s presence is “intensifying”, Torres says, but points out that until now investment has focused mainly on hydrocarbons…[Company comments on the case in Spanish are available here].

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