Chinese private security companies are seeing an opportunity as the U.S. withdraws troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. But plenty of complications await them.

Author: Andrew Erickson, Gabe Collins, The Diplomat [Japan], Published on: 21 February 2012

A security vacuum is developing around Chinese workers overseas...with at least 847,000 Chinese citizen workers and 16,000 companies scattered around the globe, some of them in active conflict zones...Shandong Huawei and other emerging Chinese security providers will...likely target the Afghan market...Shandong Huawei’s venture into the Iraq security market appears to be both larger-scale and focused...why would a Chinese company consider hiring a firm like Shandong Huawei instead of Control Risks, G4S, or another established global security provider? One answer is...price...Skill also factors in. In terms of capabilities, Shandong Huawei['s]...personnel are almost certainly very competent operators...There are a number of strategic implications of this rise of armed private security providers by Chinese firms... [also refers to China National Petroleum Corporation, Metallurgical Corporation of China, Academi (formerly Blackwater/Xe)]

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