Church investors to vote against boards of co's with poor polices on tax transparency, climate change & no female directors

Author: BBC, Published on: 4 March 2019

"Church pressures firms on tax and with no women directors", 4 March 2019

A group of Christian church investors is planning to put pressure on companies which have no women directors... The Church Investors Group has pension fund members with £21bn in assets. It says it will vote against chairmen and women of boards of big companies which have poor polices on tax transparency and climate change. It will also vote against pay reports which do not disclose the ratio of pay between top bosses and workers... CIG says it has told FTSE 350 companies - the largest companies publicly traded in London - of its plans. It will also include Russell 50 companies - an index of the biggest US companies - when it comes to tax transparency... The CIG says its members will vote against the chairs of FTSE 350 and Russell 50 companies with a score of zero for tax transparency in the FTSE ESG ratings, which look at environmental, social and governance matters...

[refers to Exxon, Amazon, Broadcom, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Tesco, Microsoft and Samsung]

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