CIVICUS highlights challenging regulatory environment of CSOs & calls for collective response

Author: CIVICUS, Published on: 24 February 2017

"Contested and under pressure: A snapshot of the enabling environment of civil society in 22 countries", February 2017

Between 2013 and 2016, civil society in 22 countries carried out an Enabling Environment National Assessment (EENA)...The EENA analysis explores in particular how laws and regulations relating to civil society are implemented...In every country, six core dimensions were assessed: the ability of civil society groups to form, operate and access resources - all aspects of the freedom of association - plus the freedoms of peaceful assembly and expression, and relations between civil society and governments...Across the EENA countries, civil society's assessment is that the laws and regulations that affect civil society are often disenabling...Enabling legal environments are needed to help ensure that CSOs can play a full range of roles, including to partner with governments and others to advance social change...The EENA process demonstrates a willingness by civil society around the world to engage actively in improving the conditions for citizens' participation. It also indicates that...similar issues are being encountered, suggesting potential for enhanced cross-civil society overcome common challenges...

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