Coca-Cola Sued in U.S. by Guatemalans Over Anti-Union Violence

Author: Patricia Hurtado, Bloomberg, Published on: 27 February 2010

Coca-Cola Co. was sued by Guatemalan workers who say they endured a “campaign of violence” by people working on behalf of bottling and processing plants Coke owns or owned there after they engaged in union activities. …Kerry Kerr, a spokeswoman for Atlanta-based Coca-Cola, declined to comment on the lawsuit, saying the company hadn’t received a copy of the complaint. She said yesterday in an e-mail that, while Incasa is independently owned, Coca-Cola has a minority share in the business… Saul Arriega, who identified himself as a supervisor at Incasa’s offices in Guatemala…wasn’t aware of the lawsuit and declined to comment further. The plaintiffs said in the complaint that they filed the lawsuit in New York because Coca-Cola has offices there and because remedies in Guatemala are “inadequate and would not afford the complete relief” available in U.S. courts…

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