Commentary: A post-pandemic world provides an opportunity to promote a new social contract & increase global sustainability

Author: Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of ITUC, via Medium , Published on: 25 March 2020

“Climate and Employment Proof our Future - a vision for a post-pandemic world”, 19 March 2020

[T]he devastation from COVID-19 will require new levels of care, of social protection and of economic stimulus. We know the same is true of the climate crisis, with just ten years to stabilise the planet. 2020 is the year for government to submit NDCs (nationally determined contributions), but now equally we need action to secure jobs and livelihoods in the short and medium-term.

On 24 June, workers and employers can join forces for a face to face or virtual conversation on how to…Climate and Employment Proof Our Workplaces. Workers…around the world will invite their employers to…discuss the plans for resilience and sustainable business — safety, jobs, emissions, a secure pathway for the future.

A new social contact is vital to set the world back on a sustainable and just path: protection of fundamental labour rights, adequate minimum wage, maximum working hours & health and safety. In a post-pandemic world, we…must seize this opportunity to make the world safer, more resilient and more secure and sustainable.

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