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Commentary: European Parliamentarians want to move on human rights due diligence legislation, says ECCJ

Author: European Coalition for Corporate Justice, Published on: 22 November 2018

ECCJ [...] spoke to the Belgian federal parliament’s intergroup on Fair Trade at its annual meeting on 20 November 2018...

The intergroup's members expressed interest in further discussions on possible human rights due diligence rules for Belgium...

On 20 November, ECCJ [...] also participated at an Interparliamentary Meeting organised by the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights... Members of national parliaments from France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark and other countries joined to discuss how to ensure respect for human rights in the global operations of European companies...

Countries and the EU need to support international efforts such as the process to elaborate a legally binding instrument at the UN level, the Chair [...] said...

At the same time, developments at international level cannot delay action at national level. The member of the French National Assembly Dominique Potier [...] encouraged other countries to speed up the adoption of norms, a call which found echo among the audience, with MPs from Denmark or Italy also calling for binding rules...

[O]ther countries and the EU need to join this movement towards a more sustainable a fair economy.

“The time has come when we need more legally binding tools and less talk, less voluntary guidelines”, said the Danish MP Rasmus Nordqvist.

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