Commentary: Leveraging the best of human values & ability alongside AI promise greater progress in fairness & accountability

Author: Bernard Shen, OpenGlobalRights, Published on: 10 September 2018

"Mitigating unfair bias in artificial intelligence," 4 September 2018

Leveraging the best of human values and ability alongside artificial intelligence brings enormous benefits... However, civil society groups, governments, and others are rightly asking questions regarding the risks to human rights (e.g., unfair bias, consequences to privacy and freedom of association)... Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, penned an article on the partnership between humans and AI, noting that the most productive debate isn’t whether AI is good or evil, but about “the values instilled in the people and institutions creating this technology.” He reflected on six principles and goals that the industry and society should discuss and debate, which were further explored in The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Society: (1) fairness; (2) reliability and safety; (3) privacy and security; (4) inclusiveness; (5) transparency; and (6) accountability...

... Human decision making without the help of AI is not necessarily fairer or more transparent...  On the other hand, training an AI model using existing data infused with human bias will result in an AI model that continues the human bias... But understanding the nature of the training data, testing an AI model with diverse test data, reviewing the model’s predictions for bias, and other tools could help improve fairness in ways humans-only decision systems could not. Instead of choosing between humans-only systems and AI systems, leveraging the best of human values and ability as well as artificial intelligence promise greater progress in fairness, transparency, and accountability, and will be critical to building strong public trust. 

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